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Sometimes creativity is a compulsion, not an ambition.

~Ed Norton


Art, etc.


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Guardian Dream Beloved Son Sonata Form
by TL Bland by TL Bland by TL Bland by Zaya Feli
  Wolf Ascendant Raven Inconjunct  
Crepuscule Monstrum Impromptu The Queen's Librarian Blue on Black
by Jared Rackler by TL Bland by TL Bland by Mahli
Heirs to Grace and Infinity Don't Fear the (Not Really Grim) Reaper The Holiday Spirit Impromptu
by TL Bland by Alexandria Corza by Catherine Dair by TL Bland



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I Know You

by Rosina


by Rosina

Pretty Psycho Ninja

by J. Tullos Hennig

*snicker* I just love that title

First Meeting

by J. Tullos Hennig



















Fen & Mal

Wil & Dallin



from Wolf's-own

from Aisling




Aisling Map--Color

Created using a template courtesy of freefantasymaps.org


Aisling Map--Line Art

Created using a template courtesy of freefantasymaps.org


Mąstiran Continent---Color


Mąstiran Continent--Grayscale


Mąstiran Continent--Line Art




by Ollie


by Ollie





I can't say I've ever been inspired to actually write a story based on a song or a piece of music, though there is often a song or a piece of music that meshes with the story.  I don't listen to music while I'm actually physically writing for the same reason I don't jog and read at the same time: I've only got so much concentration, and one wrong move and you've got tire tracks up the back of your sports bra.  But I absolutely listen to music constantly, and I do often latch onto a particular artist or album and obsess over it while I'm writing a story, for whatever reason--sometimes it's lyrics that speak to a characterization, sometimes it's just an overall mood that enhances the world in my head. 


At any rate, since some people are interested, the playlists for some of my stuff are listed below.  I'm not going to claim there's any rhyme or reason to them--they are what they are.  But I certainly and wholeheartedly recommend the artists.



The End Begins by Tantric  Especially the first three tracks.  They just said 'Wil and Dallin' to me.


Bright Nights, Dark Days by Cavo  They're actually a little more pop than I usually go for, but 'Crash' was just... apropos.


The Other Side by Godsmack  Mostly because I never go anywhere without my Godsmack.  And this absurdly under-rated album served to decompress many a time.


In Your Honor by Foo Fighters  Because... well, c'mon--Foo Fighters!


Celtic Fiddle Festival by Burke, Cunningham & LeMaitre  Because everyone in my head had British accents or Irish brogues.  And man, can these guys play.


Feels Like Home by Bonnie Raitt  (WARNING: contains spoiler-ish type nattering for Book Three) This song fits everything about the end of the story. It's an older song, and has been performed by several artists, but Bonnie Raitt's version is the one I've always preferred. Unfortunately, the only place I've ever found it is on the Soundtrack for the movie 'Michael', though I also recommend the entire soundtrack, too.



Pretty much everything by Evanescence and Seether. Because I swear they know someone exactly like Fen. And holy shit--Lost in Paradise? Roses? Country Song, Master of Disaster, FMLYHM, Going Under, Bring Me To Life. If you liked the books, you can't not connect to some of these songs.


The Beautiful Letdown by Switchfoot  Actually, this selection is solely for the track 'On Fire', which yeah, is a little cliché, but if you look at it from Mal's POV, it's like it was made for it.  Triangle anyone?


Mutter by Rammstein  Rec'd to me by a friend when I was writing one of the major fight scenes, and sank into my soul like whoa.  I don't understand a word, but somehow, it doesn't seem necessary.


Dylan by Bob Dylan  For the track 'Make You Feel My Love'.  Because Malick really does think he has all the answers.



Power of Two by Indigo Girls (From the album Swamp OpheliaJust because it's sweet, fluffy and unassuming, and so is the story.


~The Sea:

Into the Mystic by Van Morrison (From the album MoondanceWell, have you read the story?  Then there you go.





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