Blue on Black by Carole Cummings


Title: Blue on Black

Author: Carole Cummings

Genre: Science Fiction/ Alternative World/ Paranormal/ Steampunk

Length: Novel (380 pages)

Publisher: DSP Publications (16th June 2015)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ˝ Hearts

Blurb: Kimolijah Adani—Class 2 gridTech, beloved brother, most promising student the Academy’s ever had the privilege of calling their own, genius mechanical gridstream engineer, brilliantly pioneering inventor… and dead man.

But that’s what happens when a whiz kid messes with dynamic crystals and, apparently, comes to the attention of Baron Petra Stanslo. Killed for his revolutionary designs, Kimolijah Adani had been set to change the world with his impossible train that runs on nothing more than gridstream locked in a crystal. Technically it shouldn’t even be possible, but there is no doubt it works.

Bas is convinced the notoriously covetous and corrupt Stanslo had something to do with Kimolijah Adani’s tragic and suspicious end. A Directorate Tracker, Bas has finally managed to catch the scent of Kimolijah Adani’s killer, and it leads right into Stanslo’s little desert barony.

For almost three years, Bas has tried to find a way into Stanslo’s Bridge, and when he finally makes it, shock is too small a word for what—or, rather, whom—he finds there.

ISBN: 978-1-63216-950-1

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Reviewer: Pixie


Review: Bas is a tracker for the Directorate and he’s now having to go undercover to discover just what is going on at Stanslo’s Bridge when the agent assigned gets killed, it’s not a hardship for him as he has long had suspicions that Stanslo was responsible for the death of a gridstream engineer, Kimolijah Adani, for his pioneering designs, and Bas is going to make Stanslo pay.

But some things are not as they seem and Bas discovers that Stanslo Bridge isn’t the end of the line, and there’s more to the story of Kimolijah Adani than he could ever have imagined.

This is an amazing story that takes Steampunk, the old Wild West setting and a dash of ‘magic’ mixes it all together and produces a tale that intrigues, tantalizes and fascinates. The world we find ourselves in has a strong feel of the old Wild West but with the added bonus of Steampunk and various Techs’ powers.

When we meet Bas for the first time he’s infiltrated the gang that has ties directly to Stanslo Bridge and the man who founded the town Petra Stanslo, the man Bas is certain is responsible for the disappearance and deaths of several Tech’s including Kimolijah Adani.

Following Bas on his journey we are lead into a town where one man’s word is law, and that man has more plans than having his own little Kingdom. We make startling discoveries and we are pulled into this world as we discover just how hard the living is and how harsh the ‘justice’ is dished out.

I became fascinated with Bas and his obsession for Kimolijah. I also became fascinated with their entire world. While I’d like to gush about this incredible world building I can’t, because I’d make a mess of the explanation, trying to describe any of the Tech’s leaves me flummoxed, it really is best to discover it for yourself ;-) .

There is a slight tentative relationship being built between Bas and Kimolijah, it’s not a romance, no, neither Bas or Kimolijah are in a setting that allows for romance but you never know in the future *hint hint Ms. Cummings*. I won’t go into either Bas or Kimolijah other than saying that they can both be brash and tough, saying more would give too much of the story away and this really is a story that has to be discovered by yourself.

The way the story is written has you hooked because each step of the way something new is revealed but leaves hints of more revelations to come. There are some scenes that left me gobsmacked with Carole Cummings imagination, the second train journey just about blew my mind it was just amazing.

There is quite a bit going on in this story and it’s just best to let Bas discover it all for you, learning it as he does and watch him as he puts the pieces together… because trying to think ahead for yourself just leaves you dumbstruck as new things are revealed.

I recommend this to those who love incredible world building, fascinating characters, an amazing storyline and an ending that leaves the story wide open *hint hint* for a sequel.


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